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Joshua Rabinovich

Warp Drive Tutors, Inc
US, UK, Switzerland
Warp Drive Tutors, Inc is a maths and science tutoring firm; that is all we tutor. All of our tutors are full time teachers at very academically challenging schools in the UK and in the US with years of experience teaching the very same subjects they tutor. We tutor the GCSE/iGCSE, IB, A-levels and AP's. All of our tutors have advanced degrees in the subjects they teach (and tutor).

What should people talk to us about? Well, we have an absolute belief that all students have the ability to succeed in the most challenging maths and physics classes, regardless of their idea of themselves that "I am just not a maths or science person". Understandably, this is something a lot of people do not necessarily agree with us on. But of the close to 2000 students we have tutored privately over the years, there were exactly two who truly could not handle the material. A third was borderline; she wound up in medical school. Struggling with the material is one thing - it is meant to challenge you. But an absolute, genuine inability to handle maths and science is very rare. I am also very interested in how we can encourage girls towards maths, physics and chemistry.
Friday, June 10

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