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Mary-Lyn Campbell

ICS intercommunity School
Head of School
Zurich, Switzerland
Mary-Lyn Campbell most recently held the position of Principal (Head of School) at The British Schools in Montevideo, Uruguay.  The British Schools was one of the first 11 schools in the world to pilot the IB programme with Alec Peterson in the 1970s.  Prior to holding this position, she was the Academic Dean of the School of Business at the Universidad de Montevideo in Uruguay.  

Mary-Lyn Campbell has over 26 years of work experience at the tertiary, secondary and primary levels of education in different institutions worldwide. Born in Scotland, she has lived in a variety of countries in the Americas and Europe.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Duke University, a Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University and is currently finishing work on her Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership.  Amongst the awards and distinctions that she has received, she is the S.T.A.R. (Special Teachers Are Recognized) award recipient from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, and was a participant at the first “Future of Learning” workshop at Harvard Graduate School of Education.  She has also been involved in several digital literary projects both in Asia and South America, the latter funded by the European Union with an important impact on the public education sector in the Southern Cone.  

Mary-Lyn Campbell is an experienced CIS (Council of International Schools) Accreditation Team Leader having led teams in Central America, Europe and the United States.  Author of several articles and contributions in different publications, she is quoted as saying: "Education is a profoundly ethical activity that aims at sharing knowledge and aspires to cultivate good judgement and wisdom.  It becomes the task of all within a school to make sure that this "story" gets heard and told to as many people as possible."